Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Local TV "documentary" - unexplained existence

Two reporters of local TV, Matúš and Adam, went to film the proof of unexplained existence. When they came to the place, they didn't know what to expect. Then, things started to happen. As they went further and further, more and more weird things happened.  Go and watch the whole video to find out more.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Working on Theme 5

Hello guys, little update. We are currently working on a video for theme 5. It will be amazing, super, Great, maybe funny and absolutely astonishing and it should have been done in one or two weeks. Stay tuned. ;)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

We are happy to announce FOURTH COMENIUS MEETING!!! - UPDATE!

We know that many of you thought that Greece was the last place you saw your friends, so we did. But then we came with an idea! Thanks to the city of Komárno, our school and special european finance program we joined back in december we can prepare another, fourth, comenius meeting in Slovakia! However only 5 students from each country can come and so, this is when your time comes. You have to be as fast as possible and fill THIS questionaire. Only first 5 people from each country will be accepted and invited to Slovakia for another beautiful "comenius" week. :) We see you in June in Bratislava and High Tatras. :)

Slovak Comenius team


As you guys know, it's 1st April and so we wanted to play with you a little. But we definitely don't want you to feel "fooled". Instead of that we decided that everybody who participated in questionaire and "got fooled" is in fact WINNER! :) Your prize is a big plate full of our national dish, bryndzové halušky! You will get your prize from us as soon as you visit us in Slovakia. ;) Thank you and as we, magicians, say, see you soon!

Andrea, Luka, Selina, Maartje, Ilias, Ayra, Luka K., Deveney, Lotte, Tom and Sander. :)

P.S.: Also, Kofola extra for an anonymous guy who we made cry. We feel sorry for that.